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Monday, February 1, 2010

Today We Visited Brownsville and Harlingen

In Brownsville we drove as far as the border then took a right.
Then we drove down main street where we saw as many cars with Mexico plates as Texas plates. There are a lot of duty free shops along here where you can find a lot of junk.
After leaving main street we took a back road back to Harlinger. This road followed the US Mexico border. See the fence, we drove up to the opening only to run into a farmer that standing by his truck while his cattle grazed. The fence at this spot is inland from the actual border. Yet in so areas of the fence, there were towers with cameras mounted with spot lights.

Once we made it back to Harlingen, we drove to the old section of town to see the Harlingen Murals.
We weren't able to get pictures of all of the murals.
We did get pictures of 13 of the murals.
That's me!
Some were on the backs, fronts, and sides of buildings.
There were a couple that had been painted over.
This is the original old main street.
Tomorrow we head out of here in search of other things of interest.

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