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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Titan Missile Silo

The Titan Missile Silo was a short ride away and worth the trip. These sites were constructed during the cold war and were used as a deterrent against attack.
All of the Titan sites were deactivated except for this one.
Considering what these sites contained, it's nice to know that accidents were not a common thing.
There were actually three engines on the missile, two on the 1st stage and one on the 2nd stage.
There are the first stage engines.
And the second stage engine.
At this facility we were able to take pictures at an actual dummy Titan. The launch doors are positioned half way opened and I took the picture from ground level looking down.
We are on our way down to the control center, note the warning about rattlers. Joyce didn't think it was funny.
All of the control room and living quarters are isolated from the vibration of a nuclear attack by large coil springs. You can see one of those springs in the center of the shot below.
The control panels used for this site were manufactured by Delco, yup the same people that made the radios and electrics for General Motors.
This is a shot of the silo from half way down inside the facility.
On our way back to camp we came upon a dirt road and an area that looked like it would be good for a shot of us. I set the camera on a rock, set the timer and ran to pose next to Joyce. It took me three tries before I made the rock before the camera went off.
The area was pretty but all the cactus made you be very careful.
And we continued down the dirt road, Life Is Good!!!!!!

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