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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Made It To Benson Arizona

The morning sun begins to shine as we prepare to leave another Walmart. I know it seems like we have been using a lot of Walmarts, and I guess we probably have during this trip but let me assure you that we have more than paid for those nights. We buy all our groceries and meds at Walmart as we travel.

From Walmart we decided to take the scenic route to Benson. Along the back road we came to the small town of Hatch, New Mexico. Check out the Muffler Man / Paul Bunyan giant that is holding a small RV. These giant guys are tough to find.
Interesting town, the few shops remaining in town are very colorful.
They seemed to like those giant Roadside America Statues.
They also lay claim to be the "Chile Capital Of The World.
Which could very well be true when every place we passed looked like this one. It's enough to make your eyes water just looking at all those red hots.
Continuing on we passed these mountains that were topped with snow, in fact there are some areas not for from Benson that are suppose to get snow tonight.
As we were drove along we began to pass this train. I blew my air horns with the hopes of getting him to blow his. Guess he didn't here me. Toot!!!
Passing across the border into Arizona.
And we ran into a passing rain storm.
Then we came out of the storm in time to stop at a rest area called Texas Canyon.
This is a popular area to stop and take pictures of the rock formations.
You can almost hear the hoofs of the horses from long ago.
We left the Texas Canyon rest area and arrived at our campground which was only a short distance away.

We are here for a few days to give it a chance to warm up but they say we may get snow tomorrow. Hey, I am looking for a reason to sleep in anyways! "Life Is Good"

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