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Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably, And never regret anything that made you smile. Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we're here we should dance.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Organizing The Storage Area In The Coach

I hate having to dig through piles of things to get something out of the storage bays. I normally don't pile stuff in there but our outdoor carpet takes up a lot of room and it's a pain to get out.

I noticed that there was an area in the small storage compartment that could handle a shelf to accommodate the carpet. So I constructed a shelf that not only holds the carpet, but has room for other small items.

Now to check those other compartments to see what I can do.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Doing Stuff

While we are home, we have things that have to be done like raking the leaves (YUK). Our pup Casey is just about six months old so we took her to vet to be spayed. Joyce dropped her off at 7:30 AM and we picked her up at 2:00 in the afternoon. She spent most of the day sleeping but by night fall she started to realize that she had a boo boo.

It's been two days and you would never know she had surgery, in fact we are having a tough time trying to keep her calm. The vet sad she should take it easy until her stitches are removed in ten days. The problem is that she is an Australian Shepard and that breed just doesn't ever take it easy.

It's also been nine months since our home went on the market and our realtor really hasn't been very aggressive so it's time to change. We are going to switch from the small local realtor to one of the larger companies so we can get better exposure.

I also have an appointment with my cadioligist today. I have been feeling myself slowing down and lacking the energy that I had.

Time to go, the new realtor is here to check out the home. See ya!!!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One Short Ride

The trees are starting to get their colors, man-o-man, I can feel the snow already.
Had to hook up and do a short trip today.
We brought the coach in to Cummins for an engine computer update, campaign #0953. I have read of individuals getting .5-1 MPG increases after the update. We'll see!!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Windshield Fixed

We had a small chip in the upper left corner of the windshield. A passing truck kicked up a stone about a month ago and caught us.
I called our insurance company and they had someone come out to fix the chip right here in our yard.
He drilled a small hole at the five ends of the star. This will stop the cracks from growing, he then sealed the holes with a liquid plastic and cured it with an ultraviolet light.
The whole process took no more than fifteen minutes. You can still see the area but the process doesn't eliminate the crack, it stops it from spreading.

We are in the process of removing anything that can freeze from the coach. This is a real bummer because we will probably only have a few weeks of freezing before we head for warmer climates. I could keep the heat on but I guess it's a toss-up.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Home Again!

Got up early so we could get out of Rhinebeck parking lot before the crowd started to come in for the Sunday show. We did some running down the Old Post Road, too bad that the leaves haven't changed yet because it would have been a real pretty ride.
The road slowly winds through the countryside.
Plenty of old farms to be seen.
And some of the unusual stuff too.
Then we hit the highway.
Traffic was doable until we got close to route 1 where everyone was heading for the Patriots game.
We finally got close to an exit and we took it along with a host of others. From there we were able to cut across the towns to avoid the traffic and get home.
Oh man we made it home, now we can do the laundry, take care of some things like get a new realtor, do an upgrade on the coach engine, and we will be ready to take off after Christmas. We are looking into doing some camp hosting in Wyoming next summer. We sent off an application and we received a reply that listed five choices and we have narrowed it down to two sites. Still have more research to do before we decide.
We hope that everyone enjoyed to places we traveled, and will join us again in December as we head out again. In the mean time, there are some small projects we have to take care of and doctors to visit, so enjoy the fall and keep an eye here for new things.
Safe Travels, Paul & Joyce

Saturday, September 11, 2010

We got up, had breakfast and strolled across the street for a day at the show.
All the planes were out of their hangers and lined up. All these old planes are capable of flying.
Another large model getting ready for take off.
The gentleman that built this plan also built the eight cylinder Rotary Engine for it. He is a machinist by trade. He was able to take measurements from an actual rotary engine that was being rebuilt. He then scaled all the dimensions down to the size he wanted. The model engine took five years to make. He fired it up for the crowd but the plane has never flown. He told me that he is now working on a sixteen cylinder rotary engine.
Even the machine gun had detail.
No....... that is not a real person, the batteries for the servo needed charging so the pilot (Doll) was place on the wing. Looks real huh? This plane has about a 7 foot wing span.
Such beautiful detail, this is a copy of an actual plane they had here.
Man these models look so real!
This model is a one of a kind that was modeled from the original Wright Brothers flier. It took four years to do the design and one year to build.
This is a real plane and not a model. It flew about one foot over the field to demonstrate that it can fly.
This one also flew over the field but didn't do well after turning at the end of the field and returning. The wind blew it into the fence and caused one of the wheels to collapse. No one was hurt.
Yes, even this old wright plane can fly, but it only cruised the field for show.
A restored Cessna flew in for the show. The wings are fabric.
This video shows the Rotary engine as it runs, note that the engine turns with the prop.

Well...tomorrow we head for home.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Where We Stay

We have received a couple of comments about staying along the road as we travel, so I thought I would address the issue.
Normally we travel to a specific destination where we find a campground and stay for days. From this camp, we will take the Jeep and wander around looking for interesting sights, or visit planned areas.

As we get closer to home these areas of interest become lesser due to the fact that we have traveled these areas numerous times. When this happens, we look for the scenic drives along the back roads and we take our time just enjoying the ride and the sights.
As it tends to get around 3:30 - 4:00 o'clock, we start to keep our eyes open for that night spot along the road that would make a good night camp.

Two nights ago we found a beautiful spot that was an overlook at a dam. The only problem was I wasn't able to get any Sat. signal due to the close mountains. I know......I really don't need TV but it was a long day and I wanted to watch something mindless. Anyways, we moved on and about a half hour later we found the perfect spot that was about thirty yards off the road and large enough to park a half dozen motorhomes. The traffic was very light and no one parked in our spot for the night.

We have been doing this for about eight years and never had a problem or ever been bothered. We look for vacant buildings that have large parking lots and pick a corner out of the way. Just make sure that the property is not posted.
You can usually find trucker turnouts along the back roads that are large enough to share with a truck or two. We find that most truckers are very courteous and don't run their engines all night.
The bottom line is trust your feelings, if for any reason you feel uncomfortable about an area, move on to another.

As for what we use for Internet service, we have Verizon Broadband that I have plugged into a Cradlepoint wireless router. The latest from Verizon is Mifi which can handle up to five computers. I recommend Verizon because of the broad coverage across the country.

I hope that this has answered your resent questions, and as always, please feel free to e-mail us at any time with your comments or questions at pauljoy100@yahoo.com

Rhinebeck Aerodrome In Red Hook, NY.

Back on the road and into New York. We are headed to Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome where there's going to be a model RC air show Saturday.
And we passed over the Hudson River.
We are here but let me tell you that the final leg of our trek took us down this street that was full of low branches. I was all over the road trying to avoid them.
We pulled into their back woods parking area which was full of campers that are here for the air show. We were lucky enough to find a spot under a big old oak tree that I had to break off a few old branches from.
We then took a stroll across the street to see what was going on. We were here about twenty years ago and nothing has really changed.

Keep in mind that these are pictures of radio controlled model planes, and wow are they big!!!
This one was still in the building stage.
The detail was so realistic.

They are lined up and this is just for practice. Tomorrow should be fun.
The detail is unbelievable, this one has about a seven foot wing span. Some of these planes are so big that they run on regular gasoline.
We saw that the seating hasn't changed since we were here last about twenty years ago. Some boards have been replaced and some have just become firewood I guess! They do mower the grass though!
Look at this beauty.
Man, these planes are hug and so lifelike.
This guy is parked next to us in the so called free campground. I thought it was a BMW but guess what.......It is a 2008 Ural Russian Bike. The bike is shaft drive that also drives the sidecar wheel. The quality looks to be really nice.
I can't imagine flying a plane powered by something like this.
1910 V8
Renault, 806 CI with 138 HP
French V12 from Renault.....WOW!
The Liberty
I love old engines, these things were hug on cubic inches but very small on horse power.
The hangers contained a lot of French planes.
It even looks fast standing still.
Must have been fun to fly this one.
The Forker TriPlane
One of the hangers contains some old cars that really look to be rare but in need of attention.