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Friday, September 3, 2010

Not Much Going On

According to some info we had there was a factory tour at the Entegra motor home facility in Wakarusa. Entegra used to be Travel Supreme but went out of business and was bought up by Jayco. At that time they regrouped and changed the name to Entegra and reopened under the leadership of the same president that ran Travel Supreme.
I put the address into my GPS and we left for the ten o'clock tour. When we arrived at the address, the facility was occupied by Forrest River and not Entegra. We found out that Entegra had moved to another town, wow these people are bouncing all over the place. I'm not sure if they know who they are anymore.
Well, while in the town of Wakarusa, we stopped at the town's "famous candy store".
The Wakarusa Dime Store.
Along with the nostalia candy, they also have a full assortment of taffy and giant jelly beans.
Remember the candy cigarettes, you started with these than moved up to the real thing later in life.....What a mistake that was!
I remember buying Turkish Taffy as a kid at the movies. I loved this stuff and have tried to find it online, but it was no longer being made. Well guess what, about three months ago, they began to manufacture the full line again. Had to have one of each flavor.
On our return trip we stopped at the Farmers Market. This place was huge.
The building was built by the Armish. Their season is coming to an end and tomorrow was their last day to be open.
The building consist of three floors that would be filled with various vendors.
The small shops that were still opened, were mostly run by the Armish. I was able to get some great homemade fudge that an Armish woman was making on site.

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