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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hudson Museum

It is raining today so we took off to the Hudson Museum in Shipsherwana.
Inside the museum there are a lot of fine examples of the Hudson automobile.
The Shaw Special
The Hudson engine was used in race cars. Hudson was into racing into the 50's
Details, details, these cars are so beautiful and are really a work of art.

They really knew how to use chrome for that special touch.
Beautiful wheels on an Essex
Time for a ride... call the chauffeur.
This car is really long.
This one is a boat tail
Wow! Nice ride, the lights above the front bumper turn with the front wheels so you have a clear vision of the road ahead.
Hard to imagine having cars so beautiful in 1929
Imagine the people that drove around in these cars.
This car was more of a van.
Even Joyce was admiring the cars.

What an example of an automobile.
This one really came in yellow.
This car has a Bendix semi automatic transmission setup. Hudson was the only auto manufacturer to get the system to work. This is an example of what some of these cars looked like before being restored. This one was found in an old farm pasture.
This is what it will look like after being totally restored.
At this point in time, Hudson was coming to an end.
1956 Hudson Hornet
The 54 Hudson Jet
I remember these compact Hudson Jets, didn't like the color.
This is Eldon Hostetler, he is the man behind this museum because he owned all the cars in the museum. Every car has been restored and ready to drive. He and his wife Esta donated all the cars in his collection to the town of Shipshewana, Indiana. Now he passes his time polishing his beloved car collection. He also occasionally takes one out for a ride or to a car show.
Supercharged Hudson
This car has a GMC truck supercharger is bolted and driven from the front of the car.
This car as a few others in this museum, are one of a kind specials.
Eldon took the time to personally show me some of the finer design points of the Hudsons. Eldon has numerous awards for this particular car.
Terraplane Panel Truck
Nice truck!


Sam&Donna Weibel said...

I always liked Hudson's one of my buddie's in high school had a 51 Hudson with a 400 cubic inch 6 cylinder, with a 2bbl carb, just like a racing engine.It also had seats as wide as a sofa at home. Another place to add to our list. Thanks for sharing, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Paul and Joyce said...

My da had a 1950 Hudson Hornet and I know what you mean about the big front seat. The car gave a really comfortable ride.