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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Meanwhile Back At The House!

Casey is testing the doorway to see how the view is.
We had the walk through with the electrician to insure things were what we wanted. They have started to install the boxes. Then.....while we were finishing up, the roofing shingles came.
 And up on the roof they went. We are using a new design of shingles that are to be the first in this area. They are suppose to give the effect of clay tiles. Here's a LINK to the site. We have chosen the  Valencia Sunset color.

Project Update

I have to use the coach as my workshop.
 Did a lot of drilling to install the legs.
 Got the top section together.
 And had to fit the top which will be glued to the frame later on.
 Next was to assemble the slats to the bottom frame.
 The bottom frame is only positioned for the picture.
This is the lower frame with the slats installed. Now to trim the corner slats for the legs and finish the assembly. The finally won't happen for a couple more days.


Saturday, January 25, 2014

New Project

Joyce decided on what she wanted for a vanity for the half bath. She found it online at the Pottery Barn for $1200.00. Yea...right!!!!!

So we found a saw mill about forty minutes away that carried cypress. Man I wish I still had all my woodworking tools, it would be a lot easier to make. Wood cost, thirty dollars...I love it.



Step By Step

As viewed from the driveway.
 From the street
 And from the back, the door to the left is a storage room.
 Living room windows are high so I cam mount the TV on the wall.
 The house is wrapped
 Starting to get some definition. See the chimney?
 Hmmm, have to trim that tree back from the roof.
 That's the main door from the driveway, I'm standing in the living room.
 Front view...note the small corner towers for the southwestern look. The small roof over the small window is a fa├žade. Lots of stuff on order, like roofing shingles, Vigas, Kiva, and windows.
More to come as things progress.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Slow But Sure

Man-O-Man, wipe your feet!
 Starting to take shape and we are still making minor changes.
 The coach will be parked where Joyce is standing, you can see the green pipe where the hook-ups will be.
 This will be a screened in porch.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Roof Is Going Up

Things are still progressing after a day off due to cold weather. Wimps!
We came back at the end of the day to check the progress.
 There were only a few things to be changed.
The windows on this side of the house are too big and will be changed to give the house the look we want.
The roof has four different peaks and I figured the crew was going to get it messed up but to my surprise, it looks like they got it right. Will be easier to define when the plywood is laid.
And the beat goes on!

Monday, January 6, 2014

We Have Walls!

The roof trusses were delivered last Friday.
 Then this morning, the lumber was delivered at 6 AM.
 I'm glad we stopped by because there was an error on the draw that had some windows at the wrong height. We noticed the error as we drove up.
 So with construction starting, we got to meet all our neighbors.
We will be stopping in daily.