Quoted From A Fellow Traveler:

Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably, And never regret anything that made you smile. Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we're here we should dance.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Moving On Down The Road

On our route there was one toll we had to stop for. As I approached the toll booth, one of the guard rails that keeps you tight coming in looked like it was caught by a truck. It was bent out and I knew it was going to be tight but I thought I would make it........I didn't! It got the bottom right section of the entrance door and also dragged two scratch marks across the door. OUCH!
Well we made it to our first night of Walmart camping in Virginia. Here's all the girls.

On our 2nd day we have crossed into NC and making good time. Our friends Don & Lucy were suppose to be traveling with us but had problems with their turbo on the engine and are now a day behind us.

Oh yea, we had to stop at South of the Border so the girls could do their thing.

We are now in our 2nd Walmart and hoping that Don & Lucy will catch up. Don said he may make it here during the night.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays

Wow, I can't believe that it has almost been a month since I last posted. Well the trip begins in four days so check back. I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday.