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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bike Week & The Bird!

See the pretty Cardinal
Well.....this bird may be pretty but it doesn't like us and has been pecking at the bedroom window. I covered the window so it wouldn't see it's reflection but it just moved to the roof. Every morning the bird does Morse code on the roof over the bedroom, this is a slow torture. I am trying different things short of getting a gun.
Anyways, this is bike week at Daytona and they are expecting around 500,000 people for this week. Most of them are on Harleys and the highway is rumbling with the sounds of motorcycles. We figured we would take a ride to New Smirna to see how things were.
Things weren't bad in town, there were some bikes but not what I expected.

 For those of you at home......the beach was beautiful.
There was a cool breeze coming off the water.
Walking in town, we came across this 1947 Willys.
 There were some nice bikes but most were cruising so I didn't get any pic's.
Now here's a real boulevard cruiser, check out those pipes!
After a closer look at the pipes, I noticed a wire running to the back of the pipes. Inside of those short chrome elbows, there is a spark plug. This bike can shoot flames from the pipes...cool huh! Nice pic on the rear fender too.