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Friday, September 10, 2010

Rhinebeck Aerodrome In Red Hook, NY.

Back on the road and into New York. We are headed to Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome where there's going to be a model RC air show Saturday.
And we passed over the Hudson River.
We are here but let me tell you that the final leg of our trek took us down this street that was full of low branches. I was all over the road trying to avoid them.
We pulled into their back woods parking area which was full of campers that are here for the air show. We were lucky enough to find a spot under a big old oak tree that I had to break off a few old branches from.
We then took a stroll across the street to see what was going on. We were here about twenty years ago and nothing has really changed.

Keep in mind that these are pictures of radio controlled model planes, and wow are they big!!!
This one was still in the building stage.
The detail was so realistic.

They are lined up and this is just for practice. Tomorrow should be fun.
The detail is unbelievable, this one has about a seven foot wing span. Some of these planes are so big that they run on regular gasoline.
We saw that the seating hasn't changed since we were here last about twenty years ago. Some boards have been replaced and some have just become firewood I guess! They do mower the grass though!
Look at this beauty.
Man, these planes are hug and so lifelike.
This guy is parked next to us in the so called free campground. I thought it was a BMW but guess what.......It is a 2008 Ural Russian Bike. The bike is shaft drive that also drives the sidecar wheel. The quality looks to be really nice.
I can't imagine flying a plane powered by something like this.
1910 V8
Renault, 806 CI with 138 HP
French V12 from Renault.....WOW!
The Liberty
I love old engines, these things were hug on cubic inches but very small on horse power.
The hangers contained a lot of French planes.
It even looks fast standing still.
Must have been fun to fly this one.
The Forker TriPlane
One of the hangers contains some old cars that really look to be rare but in need of attention.


meowmomma... said...

Awesome topic and photo's! And thanks for answering my ?'s!! Very informatively! I'm still not sure I'm brave enough but maybe we'll give it a try some time...

Our former neighbor is probably at the airshow! He designs and builds the planes and sends them and the plans for them all over the world! He used to fly them around when he lived by us!

pweaver said...

Wow! What a neat experience! Hope to see some pics of the show. Those planes are really something. Any idea of the cost?

Have a great time!