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Saturday, September 11, 2010

We got up, had breakfast and strolled across the street for a day at the show.
All the planes were out of their hangers and lined up. All these old planes are capable of flying.
Another large model getting ready for take off.
The gentleman that built this plan also built the eight cylinder Rotary Engine for it. He is a machinist by trade. He was able to take measurements from an actual rotary engine that was being rebuilt. He then scaled all the dimensions down to the size he wanted. The model engine took five years to make. He fired it up for the crowd but the plane has never flown. He told me that he is now working on a sixteen cylinder rotary engine.
Even the machine gun had detail.
No....... that is not a real person, the batteries for the servo needed charging so the pilot (Doll) was place on the wing. Looks real huh? This plane has about a 7 foot wing span.
Such beautiful detail, this is a copy of an actual plane they had here.
Man these models look so real!
This model is a one of a kind that was modeled from the original Wright Brothers flier. It took four years to do the design and one year to build.
This is a real plane and not a model. It flew about one foot over the field to demonstrate that it can fly.
This one also flew over the field but didn't do well after turning at the end of the field and returning. The wind blew it into the fence and caused one of the wheels to collapse. No one was hurt.
Yes, even this old wright plane can fly, but it only cruised the field for show.
A restored Cessna flew in for the show. The wings are fabric.
This video shows the Rotary engine as it runs, note that the engine turns with the prop.

Well...tomorrow we head for home.

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Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Good pictures, I love airplanes old and new.