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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Running Route 6 In Pa.

After A long day of travel along route 6 we found the perfect rest spot for the night.
Morning came and we were off by 10:00am.
We are heading for the "Grand Canyon of the East"
We had to do some very narrow back roads but that's nothing new for us.
After another slow day of route 6 and back roads we made it to the Grand Canyon of the East.
The Canyon is actually called the Pine Creek Gorge.
The view was very nice for this part of the country.
Description of above pic.
This description of the shot below.

Casey smiling for the camera.
The CCC did all the construction in the park.
And have a statue erected to their effort.
After the Gorge we passed through the town of Towanda.
There were banners all along the center of town that honored the hometown heroes. Great idea!
Then we stopped at an overlook.
Looking East.
Looking west
Then we passed this vacant restaurant that had a perfect parking spot for the night. Goodnight!!!!


meowmomma... said...

You guys are so brave with all the various spots you stop for the night. I've told the hubster about them and he said it's a great idea but would you be willing to do it~meaning me; would I feel safe. Do you ever worry about being safe?

Also, what do you use for the internet when you're parked like that? This summer has left me without wifi so much of the time that I'm feeling a strong desire to find something just for myself so I don't have to rely on a park! I haven't even posted a blog on our trip because of the limited service and no way could I have loaded pictures! I've considered whatever my cell company has to offer, but question their reliability. So, I was just wondering...

Anonymous said...

And you didn't stop to see Jim and Joan ???

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Nice tour of rural PA. In four years we have yet to try spending the night on the road side. Maybe we should give it a try.