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Friday, February 26, 2010

Swansea Ghost Town

Our trip to Swansea Ghost Town took us through some small backroad towns. I love these places because they usually have some great stuff in their yards. Check out these classics.
And these three still had their last license plates.
We were trying to figure out how that RV got up on top of that hill. Well further up the road was a place that was selling RV pads that were carved into the side of the mountain. Only saw two RV's and there were probably fifty pads. "Build it and they will come" They didn't!!!!
As we pulled off the paved road we had another 30 miles of dirt road through the desert and mountains. In this one area, I had to get out and open a portion of the fence so we could pass.
We finally arrived at Swansea. The remains of the copper mining town were spread out over a large area.
Most of the buildings area eroding away so the State is stepping in and working to save some of what's left.
Open mines dot the area.
The desert scenery is beautiful.
There are even old tin cans from the days.
Some info.

This is shaft #7 which was their main shaft that is over one thousand feet deep.
These are the remains of some of the homes in town.
Sadly there's not much left to those homes.
These are a row of one room quarters where the miners lived, they are being worked on to save them.
On our way out of town we stopped to get this great western shot. We took a different route home and ran the dirt road at speeds we shouldn't have but it was great fun. The poor old Jeep took a beating but kept on going. We also did some areas where they were running the ATV's, cool hills!!!
Back in town it was all you can eat fish & chips. Check out #12 on the menu.
The fish and the live entertainment was great and so was the sunset.

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