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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Movie Night Surprise

Last night was movie night at the tent that is located a ways behind us. People chip in and they have a movie two nights a week.
Well we decided to do the movie which is cool because you can BYOB. The movie was "A Leap Of Faith" starring Steve Martin. About half way through the movie Joyce and I noticed something run by us. Note that the movie is held in a large tent that has indoor/outdoor carpeting and propane heaters, it's really quit nice. You bring your own chairs.
So there we were with a dozen other people watching the movie and again something ran by then stopped at our feet. EEEEK, it was one of those Desert Mice or Rats or something. All I know is that it was fast but not as fast as Joyce jumping up on her chair. Then all hell broke out when the other women saw it.
As Joyce knows, I hate mice but there were other men there so I had to suck it up an try to look cool. If you stamped your feet, the little guy would take off only to return later.
So.....we spent the remainder of the movie watching the floor for movement. I doubt that we will do the Saturday night movie.

Most of the activities that Quartzsite is famous for are winding down. There are a lot of RV's still around that the dealer haven't moved out like the Rexhall Trex. This coach has a different European look and the full length slides and awning retract flush with the exterior walls. However the fiberglass work on the exterior was very wavy and cheesy looking. Too bad because I thought the design was really sharp with clean lines.
Continued on into town, had to see what they had in the bakery. Joyce got a loaf of sour dough bread.
OMG, look what I got, it's a giant jelly Bismark! I hope it stays fresh for morning.
I was afraid to ask how much, all original paint wheels etc.

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