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Friday, February 19, 2010

Another Day At Salton Sea

It was another beautiful day so we really didn't do much other than take a short ride to the Oasis Date Garden to purchase some fresh dates.
On our way we thought that you may want to see what looks like snow on the side of the road. It really isn't snow, it's salt residue. Yup, the ground here in the area is so saturated with salt that after it rains and the sun dries the ground, this is what it looks like. I wonder how the farmers grow their crops in this stuff.
The Salton Sea is populated with Talapia which are constantly dying. The area that once was a play ground for some of the rich and famous is now deteriorating and dying.
Even the play ground on the beach is trashed with discarded concrete.
But as you can see, the community is making and effort to restore what was once the North Shore Yacht Club. The 3.5 m dollar restoration doesn't seem logical to me when the Salton Sea is what really needs the help. Fix the Salton Sea and the surrounding area will begin to rebound. Well, that's my two cents worth!!! Have a good night.


Jennie Kelly said...

Thanks for visiting our beautiful area. I was once a recreational user but found that I never wanted to go back to the city. That was 26 years ago and I still love being here.

The "snow" on the ground is actually alkali and not salt. It always shows up after a rain. the Salton Sea receives tons of salts from the Colorado River water used for irrigation in the desert. Evaporation further increases salinity.

The occassional algal blooms are caused by wind and abundant nutrient loads. When the algae dies, oxygen is depleted in the immediate area resulting in some fish deaths. It's all quite natural and not from pollution of any sort.

We all would like to see a resolution to the problems facing the Salton Sea. As for the yacht club, I think it's a matter similar to the "chicken or the egg". In the meantime, the community will have it's very first Community Center and the new Salton Sea History Museum and Visitor Center will bring positive attention to the needs of the lake.The redevelopment funds used to renovate the historic building is well spent and serves many needs. Visit our museum website at SaltonSeaMuseum.org.

Paul and Joyce said...

Thank you so much for your comment, we also love this area and are saddened to see it so neglected. Hopefully the restoration to the North Shore Yacht Club will begin the healing process.
We would hate to see the recreation area totally closed down.