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Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Desert Bar Parker Arizona

The Desert Bar is located just outside of Parker, and to get to it you must travel five miles of dirt road. The fun part is that there are areas where you can go crazy if you have four wheel drive and high ground clearance.
The Bar was once a copper/gold mine, the mine is still visible from the bar but it's no longer used.

The Bar is totally off grid and uses solar panels for their power. The towers in the picture are cooling towers. The top portion of the towers have a mesh that is sprayed with water on hot days. The air passing through the mesh is cooled naturally and passes down the tower to the bar for a natural cooling effect. Really neat, like a swamp cooler.

In this shot you can see the solar panels.

Joyce said that the ladies room that is partially in the side of a mountain, was so nice that she had to take a picture of it. This is the only fancy part of the establishment because everything else was made from reused parts. Example is the windows in the bar were formally glass freezer doors like you find in the grocery store.

The stalls were built to last because they area heavy gauge sheets of steel, hey....who's feet are those?????

The bridge goes from the parking lot to the bar. We are sitting in a dry river bed.

The owner lives in a house that he built. It's next to the bar and also has cooling towers.

This is another piece of construction totally made from steel. It's a church facade that if viewed from either side looks like a church front. A beautiful piece of construction.

Nice truck left over from the mining days.

Ah, the good old Ford flat head V8

And you may remember these. This one was in the parking lot.

A bit of beauty in the desert.

On our way out we had to hit some of the ATV areas. One in particular was a bit hairy, we had to climb a steep hill, ride across the top then a tight right into a sudden drop. Couldn't use the brakes going down because the Jeep wanted to slide so had to hurry and drop it into low 4 wheel. Joyce was holding the camera and her breath.
This is where we started.
Check out the Video!

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