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Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Day Around Benson

After a rainy night, we got up to a cold but sunny day. We left camp to drive to an Historic Fort in the next town, the problem was when we got there we found out that whereas it's a working Fort we needed positive ID's to enter. Joyce didn't bring her purse so she didn't have her license with her. So, we just checked out the local sights.

Now that's an RV. And it looks like it's set up to tow a 5th wheel trailer. We've seen a lot of neat set ups during our travels.
As we drove along route 90 we passed an airport and was startled by military planes passing low over the highway.
This one is a prop.
We immediately pulled over and jumped out of the Jeep to get some more pictures.
There were three jet fighters and one twin prop that were doing "touch-n-goes. What they do is come in for a landing and as the wheels touch down, they power up and take off. Practice, practice, practice. And the sound effects were awesome.
As we passed through town, they had a junk yard right on the main drag.
This yard was scattered with some real classics.
See anything you like? It could be yours for the right price.
Here's a driver that was parked at the tourist info center in Benson. My youngest daughter would probably like to have it
Oops, not sure what happened here but the Border Patrol was present.

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