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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Some friends here are looking to purchase a deeded lot for their RV at this place so we took a ride to check it out.
We were impressed with the size of the lots. Most were 80' x 125' with a surrounding wall and a gate.
As we left we decided to take an off road route. The majority of these trails are for ATV's but what the heck, we love a challenge. We ran into this redneck sign and just had to follow.
This area is full of small gold miners that were out working their claims.
At one point I had to get out and check the road, it's hard to tell in the picture but the road is very narrow and has a sudden drop from a large rock.
The surrounding terrain is very rocky and rough.
It amazes me what this Jeep is capable of doing.
These guys never made it and had to be shot.
But this little Jeep continued on down this dry narrow river bed. We continued on for a while before coming to a dirt road that took us back to town. A good time was had by all except the Jeep did take a couple of really hard hits that had to hurt.

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