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Monday, February 15, 2010

Air Museum and Mission

Bet you can't guess where we spent most of the day! Hey, I had to wait for the kids to leave before I could get my chance!!!!!!

Actually, we went to the Pima Air & Space Museum in Tucson.
They had sooooo many planes of every type and all kinds of different engines. This is a diesel rotary aircraft engine.
Because there were so many planes, I tried to get pictures of the unusual ones like the Bumble Bee. This is a home built experimental that does fly.
Cool Huh!!!
I have no idea as to where you sit to pilot this thing!
Plane above.
Joyce wanted to try her hand at piloting but couldn't see over the dash.
This is a weird looking sea plane but the fit and finish was outstanding.
These planes were inside various hangers, but most of the aircraft was outside.

Nasty looking!
When we got outside, we boarded a tram for a guided tour that explained every aircraft on the grounds. The chopper below was used for various duties such as transporting command post into areas where there were no roads.
Nice Plane
And this one has an inside and outside props that run in opposing directions.
Russian Mig
And this aircraft was used to train in a zero gravity. See illustration on nose.
I believe that this is one of the few Constellations remaining. TWA used this plane.
And there were some really different looking choppers.
Nice boat!!
And then there was the Budd Conestoga built totally from stainless steel. There were no rivets used, all the panels were spot welded.
All stainless steel
The plane museum is really a good time for adults and kids because I think everyone loves planes and they have so many to view you can spend the full day there.
From the aircraft museum, we drove to the Mission San Xavier Del Bac. They are in the process of restoring the exterior. Note that the right steeple top is not missing, it was never there.
The alter and the interior of the mission was a mix of hand carvings and painting.
A few miles away from the mission is a cemetery with all the plastic flowers.
Then we made it back to camp and I decided to do a little cleaning on the outside of the motorhome. We dumb me walked into one of the corners of the bedroom slide. I saw stars big time and I had blood everywhere. I am always banging my head on the slides but never this bad, I think I'll get a hardhat!!!

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