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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bombay Beach & The Oasis

Before heading out Joyce wanted to wash the floor in the coach.
When Joyce finished we headed out for Bombay Beach which is only a short ride from where we are.
We wanted to check out Bombay Beach which is a small community on the edge of the Salton Sea. The community is in danger of being flooded if the water level in the Salton Sea rises even just a few feet. In spite of the high dirt berm surrounding the homes in Bombay Beach, it is clear that flooding has been a problem in the past. One area in particular, which is outside the berm, has seen much better days. It looks like some kind of post-nuclear bad dream, with battered and fallen shacks and trailer homes wasting away in what looks like crusty salt and mud permafrost.

This was a trailer at one time.

The Pelicans seem to love it here.
After returning to camp for lunch and some down time soaking up the suns rays, we decided to see the Desert Oasis that is about ten miles away.
This is a real Oasis in the middle of the desert. As you can see, most of the Palm trees are not trimmed of their dead palms.
The trees were thick and create a nice place to get cool and relax.
Some of these trees are huge are about two feet in diameter at the base.
The dead palms give the trees a different look.
A shot looking up!
Really was a neat place to visit.

The end of another great day. We may just stay an extra day or two to work on my tan!

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