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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Off To The Salton Sea

Here we are leaving our desert campground in Tucson. Was a nice twisty road which would be great on a motorcycle.
We continued on route 10 till we connected with route 8 which took us to the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area. You can run you dune buggy or 4 wheeler, plus there is BLM land everywhere in this area which means free camping.
So where did all that sand come from, wow!
As we continued on we pass through the Imperial Valley and miles upon miles of farms. As we were passing some fields of cauliflower, I noticed that something was in the field. It turned out to be sheep. Yup, the sheep were filling up on fresh veggies.
And a little further down the road, they were eating in another field. Bahhhhd sheep!!!!!
As we arrived at Salton Sea, we noticed that the area where we camped last year was Closed so we had to squeeze into one of the other camping areas along the shore. It's really sad to see that so many state campgrounds and rest areas are closing due to a lack of funds.
The sun is setting and the end of another great day.

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