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Monday, February 8, 2010

EL Paso, Tx.

Left Alpine and headed out for El Paso by way of the scenic route 77 and headed towards route 10.
As we traveled 77 we passed through Wild Rose Pass.
The mountains were changing colors as we passed through and the sun went behind the clouds.
The road was smooth as silk and the traffic was very light, couldn't have asked for a nicer ride.
The ride was very relaxing.
Every curve revealed more beautiful views.
Once in El Paso we snooped around and for this very unusual place . Note the price on the car!
They had everything at this place.
They looked like the type of place that would supply the movie industry with props.
Items of every kind could be found and we didn't even venture inside the building.
One of the doors was open and you could see that the building was packed.
We then took a ride on what is called the "Scenic Drive"
From up here you can look down on El Paso and Mexico.
Some info. on Scenic Drive
Oh, did I mention that we are overnighting at the Freightliner Repair Center in El Paso..... I was getting some grind noise coming from the steering linkage so stopped to have it checked.
They found that the bolts holding the steering box were not tight.....WOW! Now we have to wait to get in and have the bolts replaced. We are in line for tomorrow, I hope. Wish us luck!!!!

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