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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Langtry, Tx.

On our way to Langtry, Texas we had to cross this bridge and because they are working on it, there's only one narrow lane. It was a little spooky.

Prior to crossing the bridge, we stopped at a rest area where you can view the bridge. This is the area where the Pecos and Rio Grand Rivers merge.
Here I am washing the coach at the rest area. I have a set-up so I can wash the coach with my own water.

After washing the coach, I sat on the wall eating my lunch and contemplating the problems of the world. That's Don next to me.

We are approaching the center of Langtry, Texas.
In this shot I and in a parking lot looking at the center of Langtry. The dead tree in the center of the road defines it as a rotary. To the right of that tree is the campground.
This is the Jersey Lily Saloon where the Judge tended bar, had a pool hall, and held trials.
The Judge was the only law west of the Pecos.
This is the Judges home, which is only one room.
Some information on Lantry, Texas.
This is one of the town homes or what remains of it. I took this picture from our front window. The population of Langtry is 17.
The one and only campground in and around town. It has six full hookup spots for $15 per day.
The end of a beautiful day and here we are at $3 dry camping for the night in the center of Langtry, Texas.

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