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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bracketville Texas

Here we are in Bracketville at Fort Clark Springs campground. Our friends Don & Lucy are also here.
There isn't much to see or do in Bracketville so we took a ride to show Don & Lucy where "The Alamo" movie set is. As you can see, the gates are locked and it is posted as closed.
Well.....as we were parked at the gate taking pictures of the signs, a women drove to the gate, opened it and came to talk to us. We explained that we had traveled from Mass, and Maine to see the Alamo movie set.
At that, she invited us in for a personal tour conducted by Rich Curilla who is an Alamo Historian and plays the sheriff in town.
It was great, we had the place to ourselves and Rich was so informative on the past, present, and future plans for the Alamo.
We took too many pictures to post but this is the Fort which is separate from the town. John Wayne's Alamo was totally shot here between the town and Fort.
Most of the wagons are the real thing and not reproductions.
Main street in the town
Looks like a saloon where the card game was broke up.
Of course, all famous towns must have their famous barber shop.
Joyce, Richard, and Don discussing the possible future plans for the town which will include a steam railroad to shuttle people from the parking lot to the town.
Back at the campground, we call it a day. Tomorrow we head on down the road.


nikita138 said...

and still there is no puppy! i guess this uses my aol screenname, it only took me 2 years or so to learn how to use it. brewsky is anxiously awaiting a playmate

Paul and Joyce said...

No puppy, it hasn't found us yet. Get Brewsky a pony for a playmate.