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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Coming into Glacier National Park

As we passed through Montana, we ran into this Hay Art. They have a yearly contest to see who can create the best "whatever" from hay.
This one was the winner for last year.
These are some beautiful Sapphires.
Road repair.....yea, they took the entire road down to gravel.

When we come into a small town we look for unusual things.

Old Town

Nice wagon!

Oh man, more dust and dirt to clean.

Finally some open road

Note that the wild horses are on the roadside of the fence.

Pit stop!

We are here.
The ride through the park was beautiful.
 Lots of water, streams and lakes. Pure and cold!
 Traffic was very light.
 What can I say!!
 Joyce getting in the picture.
 We ran into this mountain goat.....note the collar with the antenna. "Radio controlled goat"
 Casey needed to test the water and man was it cold!
Hey. there are no car washes here so this did just fine.
 Looking for wildlife.
 Oops.....what's this.
 This bear has a cub with it. Took this picture at a great distance.
 Love the waterfalls.
 Many Glacier Hotel
 The lobby
Time to move on.
 Heading for the border

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