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Sunday, June 28, 2015

We Are In Lewistown, Montana

Leaving our Medora campground. The road is 1-1/2 miles of dirt.....what a dust cloud.

Traveling along scenic route 200, came to the town of Home on the Range.

Yup, there's the sign.

And before long we enter Montana...Big Sky Country

Lots of nothing but big sky.

And a giant rooster on a hill

And a Glendisaurus??

And a road that goes on forever.

And ever

Every so often, we would run into some nice shots.

Then more long stretches 

Hey....look at the plane!

This section of Montana is Dino country. Lots of fossils have been discovered here.

Casey had no interest in this one.

Every forty miles or so, we would run into a small town like this one.

Here is some of the area history

As we were pulling out of one town, Joyce had me stop so she could walk back to what looked like a junk yard. There she found so cool looking junk!

And some info.

And more of those......Dinos

I guess they come in all sizes

Now this was some very cool farm machinery.

As was this, I think.

Wow, Mr. Hale built roads with that thing?

Don't ask......looks like a concrete tepee.

Another museum...closed because it's Sunday

Was like an old town.

With a collection of tractors.

That's me still sitting on the roadside waiting for Joyce.

More junk farm equipment as we are leaving

More long stretches of road. The thing that surprised me was that every so often, we would pass a person biking this route 200. They must have been crazy because it was 100 degrees out and as you can see, the road is full of hills. Also, there were no trees or shaded areas where a biker could rest.

Some rest area info.

Then another small town

Enough with the Dinos

Nice farm house!

Then the roadside suddenly start getting trees

Lots of trees. Boy, those bikers could use these.

Rest stop.

More info........

Not as barren as before.

Ah, our destination finally.

And they even had a car wash that the coach could fit into.

Needed lots of quarters but worth it to get all that dust off.

One last museum in town.

These little towns really like their missiles.

The statue of Liberty......really!

Our stop is at the end of town.

This isn't it

Main street

Some classic old buildings.

And here we are.

Really nice spot, and it's free.

Free is good but we added to the donations pot.

They even have some info posted here.
 This is interesting because the airport borders this rest area.

Was another long day,
and too many pictures......good night!

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