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Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Cruise Through Theodore Roosevelt National Park

A short video to start
Some history on the town of Medora
We just entered the park and it's about 5 PM. I don't expect to see much because it is still a bit early.
 But you can also be sure of seeing the Prairie Dogs.
These things were everywhere and Casey was going crazy hanging out the window of the car.
 The population seems to have grown a lot since our last visit.
The scenery is great.
 How did they balance those rocks. Hmmmm
 I wish we could have done this in our younger days, I would have loved to hike in here.

 More around every corner.
 Looks like a boring shot but if you click on it you can see something in the shade.
 The Badlands
 I don't think it looks that Bad
 Those two dark spots are turkeys 
 Sandstone formations are awesome
 Ran into more wild horses.
 Check out this beautiful colt.
 And all we could find was one of these bulls.
 See the rock balanced at the lower left .
 I love this stuff.
 After coming out of the park, we took a quick run through the town.
 Medora is the ultimate tourist trap.
 But I did find some nice wheels......wow a 455 Firebird.
 And a clean 56 Chevy
Then, on the way back, Joyce spotted a sign on a dirt road that supposedly led to a damn.
 Oh well, it's a Jeep and we have taken it down worse roads. We like to explore.
 After about four miles of rutted road and rough terrain, we made it to the damn.
 Yup, that's Joyce doing the Damn tour :)
Well it's time for our walk and pack things in for a morning departure. This next stretch will take us two days. First leg puts us in Lewistown, Montana. Stay turned and Goodnight!

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Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Good tour, we enjoyed are visit there. I could see why Teddy liked it:)