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Monday, June 22, 2015

Visiting Friends In Canada

Coming into Niagara Falls. Godzilla would never make t it through here....look at all those towers.
Yea.....that's me! Look out the window beyond me.
Getting close to the border
At the Canadian Border
Wow, all these people want to go to Canada!!!!!
Crossing was a piece of cake!
We now had the long ride to Midland, Ontario.
Our GPS doesn't have maps for Canada so we had to do it the old fashion way, but we made it.
 Casey and her friend Terra met again after about 6 months.
Our friends used to own a bakery in town so our first stop was the local bakery. I knew I should have stayed in the car........3 jelly donuts!
 From town, we took a ride to one of the beach town along Georgian Bay. Reminded my of Cape Cod.
 It was only in the low 70's but the crazy kids didn't seem to have a problem with going in the water.
 There were beach vendors selling their goods.
 From the beach area, we travel on to a ski resort area in the Blue Mountains that overlooks the Bay.
 Posted along a path at the top of the mountain.
 The paths at the top of the mountain is used for mountain biking, and hiking.
 That's the Bay below.
 This is a selfie of me, Joyce, and our Canadian friends Ilsa, and Rolf. This was not a healthy lunch but we were really hungry and had limits because of the dogs being with us.
This map shows the hiking and biking trails. It was really nice to see young children outside playing, and pedaling their bikes.
 Some history on a canning company of the past.

 Some of the wildlife along the trails.
 Nice view of the old grain silo in the distance.
 Family pic.
 We had to stop so Joyce could get some sand for one of our grand daughters.
 Back in the town of Midland, Joyce and I took a stroll to see what was in town.
 Nice town with a lot of small shops.

 Most of the buildings at the end of the rows, have paintings.
 Like this one.
And this one.
 And these!
 I'm tired of walking..........lets have a nap!

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