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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Moving Right Along

Here we go again, we have to make some time so we can kick back a bit later.
 We have fifteen days to get to Dawson Creek and five more days of travel time.
 Most of our time now, is traveling through small towns with not much to see. Look at those dead trees on the left. A forest fire waiting to happen.
 The roads we traveled today were in great shape, and no road work.
 Traveling route 210
 Huge farms everywhere. Look at that beautiful top soil.
 The town of Aitkin
 Clean little towns.
 Some nice buildings with fine detail.
 Another mural on the side of a building.
 In some areas.....
 One town just ran into another.
Cool water tower huh? In the town of Frazee they have the worlds largest Turkey, and the High School mascot is a turkey. Guess what their athletic teams call themselves......the gobblers. That's right, the Gobblers. Must be great at the football games..
 Then we crossed the mighty Mississippi
 Had to make a grocery stop.
 We parked next to some grass so I could play ball with Casey while Joyce shopped.
 And here she comes.
 Crossing into North Dakota
 Rest stop
 And some info posted at the rest area/

 Back on the road.
 Really a nice ride but not much to see.
Then we stopped for the night.....no!
Yup, same parking lot.
 With a big field for Casey to play
 And roll
 We called to make reservations in Medora, but the campgrounds are full. We found a place just outside of town that has 50 sites. This should be interesting because it is a campground for horse people where they can ride rope and break the horses. Will be there tomorrow!

Good Night!

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