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Friday, June 26, 2015

Camping With The Horses

We left our Walmart camp and headed out for a short four hour ride to our next camp. The scenery was pretty much farms.
 The speed limit was 75 but we stayed around 62 - 65.
 Hey, could that be Salem Sue, the largest cow in the world up on that hill.
 Way off in the distance are windmills, but none of them were turning.
 Then we stopped at a scenic rest area.
 The views are getting better.
 The farmers out here like to put an old piece of farm equipment high on a hill where it can be seen from interstate 94.
There was some road work but the speed limit only dropped to 65 so that had no effect on me.
 Lots of free range cattle.
 The farms have small barns probably because the cattle don't come in much.
 At exit 72 you can take a 35 mile tour of this huge metal art work on the Enchanted Highway. We took this ride once and it was well worth it.
There are a lot of new well heads along the way.
 Can you see that yellow patch in the distance......
So beautiful !
 We are almost there.
 Stopped here at the rest area overlook.
 Wow, I always love this scenery.

I did this short video of the above scenes.
 A pic of Joyce and we need to get to our camp.
 Well at exit 18 we took this dirt road for 1.5 miles to the horse ranch / motel / campground.
 Now that's a BBQ.
 The people that built this place are from Massachusetts and are familiar with the town we lived in. Wow, small world.
 They were doing some horse training as we strolled by.
 Joyce is going nuts see all these horses and none to ride.
There is going to be a wedding here tomorrow, last night was the bachelor party and tonight is the rehearsal. Should be interesting.

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