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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Back In The USA

Well it's Monday morning and we are continuing on to the US border. The fog was waiting for us when we got up.

Then we got some clearing, can you see the horse and buggy?

Coming to the Border at Saulte Ste. Marie

Our GPS is not working yet......follow the signs.

Very easy to get to the bridge.

Here we come.

Watch your speed, 35 mph

Nice view

I decided to get behind the truck so we would move faster when a truck moves.

Wrong...see that black car up there on the right, they held him there for a while and we got to see all the cars to our left go through.

We finally got through. Why do the custom guy have to be so grumpy. Wouldn't hurt to smile!

After crossing, we headed to the first exit which is route 28. We need fuel but the first gas station we came to didn't have diesel. The next place along our route would have been too far. Joyce spoke to the attendant and found out that the turn just before this station would take us to a casino and fuel. Yahoo, diesel at $2.89 and a casino to camp at.

We decided to stay a couple of nights.

That's the casino across the street.

And this is the campground.
The weather has been a cool 60 - 70 degrees, and light rain has been around since we left Canada. The news said we should be able to see some northern lights tonight. I didn't know that they were visible during the warmer months. We'll see but it doesn't really get dark now until after 11 pm.

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