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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Day For Checking Out The Area

 This morning we headed out to check out the area for interesting stuff. Not too far from us on route 123 we came to this model of a sunken ship in Lake Superior. This model is about eight feet long.
 A little further away from the ship, is a model of the Point Iroquois Lighthouse.
Then we spotted this sign and had to check out the Indian Cemetery.
This is the road to the cemetery. Very narrow and dirt.
The sign says it all.
When we got out of the car, we were hit by millions of mosquitoes. I mean we were covered with them.
 There were some very unusual grave sites.
 This one looked like a four foot long bird house.
 A chair if you decide to stay for a while.
We mean no disrespect for these souls, we just want to share the different sites we have seen.
 Each site tells a different story that only the families may know.
 Beautiful.....click on the pic to read the headstones.
 Sneakers and a favorite hat.
 As we exited the cemetery, we came to this scenic overlook.
 Some Info. Click on pic and you can read.

 As we traveled along route 123, we came up on the Point Iroquois Lighthouse.
 Lets check inside.
 They have a small museum inside that has a lot of info on this particular lighthouse.
 We The Keepers Kids!
 That is Lake Superior
 The Lake as viewed from the top of the lighthouse.
 Lighthouse as viewed from the beach.
 Some info on the lighthouse.
 Yup.....you aren't suppose to take any rocks from the area.
 This info was posted on one kiosk.
 We departed from the lighthouse and continued on 123. Wild flowers line the road on both sides.
 Next we came to some falls, lower and upper.

These are the lower Tahquamenon Falls

This is a great Prayer

Back to the falls, here are a two shots of the lower falls.

And four miles away, are the upper falls.

Along the way was a large Hemlock stump.

And information on the rings.

Joyce standing by the upper falls.

Joyce is gone!!!!!!!

The river that feeds the falls.

More info and pic's on the upper falls and river.

Last but not least. This model was on a front lawn. Each horse is about seven inches high by twelve inches long.
OK, it was a long day and the news says that we may be able to see the Northern Lights tonight after 11 PM. Maybe I can get some pic's. Anyways, tomorrow we hit the road again and head west to Theodore Roosevelt National Park. It's about 970 miles away so it will be a long two day ride with a night stop somewhere special I hope.

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