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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Fairbanks Day 2

After dinner we walked over to a theater to see a  show.
This was our third show of this kind but this one was the best.
They had a lot of comedy.
That's a guy!
After the show ended, we loaded back on the bus and travel to the city in Fairbanks to see the Ice Museum.
The museum had an interesting movie and a lot of ice carvings. But...the most popular thing was the ice slide and Joyce had to be the first to try it. 
Whereas the slide is all ice, she went pretty fast.
Some of the sculptures.

This is a dog sled and Joyce is the musher at the far end.
Log home
Working with a block of ice, he carved a flower.

Then using a heat gun, the flower seemed to open.
Good Bye

Back on the bus, next stop was a riverboat ride.
Here we go.......bye!
This plane took off right next to us.
Circled around
And landed right next to us.
Some of the homes along the river.

Hold on.....those are sled dogs. We watched her hook up the dogs and take off.

This was all part of the show. She ran the dogs around back and a few minutes later came back.
After unhitching the dogs, they all get to cool off.
They are right next to the boat.
We start to move along the river.

And there reindeer come out of the woods to say hello. At this point we pull ashore.
Joyce got some closeups of the reindeer.

The natives showed us how they lived and the clothing they wore.

She also explained the differences in the various furs and how they were used.
This is what there village looked like.
The cruise was really awesome and we saw a lot but we were all tired from the active day.
Time to call it a day!!!

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