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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dawson City Day 2

The Dome is the highest point in Dawson
 The view from the top
 That's the river that runs through town.
This is the Ferry that we will all be crossing tomorrow. This ferry can take two large motorhomes.
 We are taking the car over to check the scenery from the other side.
 Tight fit
 Casey doesn't know what to make of this boat ride.
 On the other side of the river.
 Man....more gravel 
 Up to the overlook.
 That's Dawson City behind me.
 A closer look
 That's the Alaskan Highway coming into town.
 There's the riverboat
 That mountain behind the city, is the Dome.
 Heading back to Dawson City
Once we were back at the campground, we left to see Dredge #4

Along the mining road, we saw these bird houses. Found out that they are there so the swallows will nest and eat the mosquitoes. 
Info along the way.

Gold mines.

And this is Dredge #4

Note the size of the chain links.
Can you see the worker on the roof? This thing is huge.

Had to stop here on the way back.

Note the aluminum block.

??????? Tractor

Canadian Power Wagon

Note info at top and bottom of gauges.

Leo's Corner

Time to go
Tomorrow we head out for Chicken Alaska

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