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Friday, July 10, 2015

Dawson Creek

There are wildfires burning around where we are and you can see the smoke in the air as we depart Grande Prairie. 
 More fields of yellow (Canola)
 This is a new dinosaur museum that will be opening soon.
 Dawson Creek 110 km
 Coming into the town of Beaverlodge.
 Small town but the have this 3000 lb Beaver by the roadside.
 Passing through town....don't blink!
 The hotel
 Coming into Dawson Creek.....nice car.
 Mile "0" city!
 Coming into town is pretty busy.
This surveyor statue is made from old metal parts and is a tribute for the tens of thousands of men who built the Alaskan Highway.
 We are at Mile 0 campground and will be here until our departure Tuesday morning.
Can no longer get Dish Network.......oh man I won't be able to watch Alaskan Bush People tonight!!!!!

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