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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Crossing The Border

We have crossed into Canada and since Glacier National Park, We have taken over 300 pic's. The problem is that internet service isn't fast enough to even load one picture. Sooooo, I am saving the pic's and will play catch up when we can.
 They took our eggs and chicken.
 Things don't look ant different here.
 We are running through areas of oil wells, coal, natural gas, logging.

 Still great scenery
Going into Banff National Park
 More beautiful views
 The town of Banff is fairly big but was over crowded due to a Canadian holiday.
 So many of the Lodges seem to have that Swiss look to them.
 Oops, doesn't know which way to run.
 Outside of town and back to the scenic drive.
 Beauti all around us.

 Balancing the camera on the car. That's another glacier behind us.
 Closer shot. Read below and you can see how the Glacier is melt away.

Moving along.....we made it to Hinton to camp for a few days.From here we will backtrack with the car to check out Jasper.
I think that Casey is getting stressed from all the traveling. It has never bothered her in the past but we never moved so much in the past. Also, the days are sooo long, it doesn't get dark till after 11 PM.
Oh well, it is time to rest, good night!

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