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Monday, July 13, 2015

Dawson Creek Car Show

Dawson Creek had a Car Show yesterday. Our 400 cars, truck, and a few motorcycles filled the center of town. There were some awesome autos there. I posted a bunch of pic's for you car buffs.

 OMG I want one.

 A lot of Mopars

 Yup, get it op there so you can suck in all those bugs.
 Custom seats.

 Nice setup but now you need to find a really small body.
 Center of town
 Streets were lined with cars in four directions.
 Clean looking ride.
 Even the kids had a fast seat.

 A 54 Meteor (Canadian Ford)

 Check this beast out. Don't have any idea what it is.....but
 It's a four banger Hemi
 Nice huh!
 Well check out the interior....note the radio, and dash clock (watch) all the options.
 I liked this one best but it should have had a manual tranny instead of auto.

I wasn't able to find any Mopars with a standard transmission. Don't the Canadians know how to shift :)

 This is a Chevelle with Canadian badges

 Remember Louise Lane in Superman......she drove one of these.
 Another Canadian Chevy

 The alley side of the buildings are painted with nice murals.

 No comment
 Nice Vette but I would have liked to see stock wheels on it.

 Beep Beep
 Sweet Cuda
 Porsche powered 
 Elcamino for sale...$27000. 
 What can I say...watch the speed bumps.

 Fake..the engine is plastic but looks impressive.

 Nice GMC, even the tranny is chrome.


 Hey, even had a Toyota Corolla 
 Another Toyota tricked out.
 It's an old FJ
Well that's it for the car show. It was well worth the walk but I was surprised to find that just about all the cars were from BC. Lots of money invested in restoration. Good Bye for now.

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