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Monday, July 13, 2015

Bear Mountain Wind Park

Our last day in Dawson Creek so we took a ride to see some wind generators. Passing fields of Canola.
To get to Wind Park, we got misplaced due to missing signs on the DIRT roads. Hey, what's that up ahead in the road.
The road doesn't look bad at first but further up the mountain, it was all wash board and dusty not to mention the wild life all over the road. Well.......they were actually cattle but still a hazard!
 If we ever broke down, we would never be found.
The dirt road went on for forty miles (actually only 6 miles but felt like forty). The stand of birch were beautiful and Casey had fun hanging out the window trying to make friends with the cows.
 Whoa, what's that up ahead. Our first wind generator.
Followed by a bunch more, 34 to be exact and each one capable of producing enough electricity to power 1000 homes.
 Some facts on the park
 Standing under one of the units, you could hear the blades whooshing by.
Further down the line we found one unit that was shut down. The tower had a visible crack that ran about 30 feet up the steel support tube. Looked like metal fatigue.
The view at the top was spectacular. 
 Time to head back and battle the cows and dust.
Tomorrow morning we hit the road for a 268 mile journey to our next stop. Hope the WIFI is good enough so I can post. Have a great day......see ya!

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Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

I think a cow will leave a bigger mark than a deer:)