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Monday, July 27, 2015

Dawson City Day 1

On our way to Dawson City and more gravel roads.
If you click on the picture, you'll see that this place sells giant cinnamon buns.
So we stopped! I bought one Bun and two cookies.
Tried to stop at the historic sites along the way.

What's left of the buildings

Back on the asphalt.
But not for long
Then more road repair! Ugh
The ride was slow and pleasant.
Some historic stops
With nice overlooks.

The riverboats had their problems navigating the river.

The First Nation People

More beautiful pavement
And lots of bridges.
Wow, an intersection
Oh man.....more gravel!
And another cool stop!
Redneck pickup
Damn mosquitoes

Dog House
Trappers Cabin

Nice wood art
Redneck snowplow
So much for moose creek
Oh no!!!!!!

That was a short stretch of road repair.
There is always road repair during the summer months but the roads are in better shape than New England roads.
At our campground in Dawson City, I had to remove a wheel to get at some small stones that became stuck between the brake rotor and the backing plate. What a terrible grinding sound.
Did this wheel but didn't last. Too many gravel sections in the road.
This is Dawson City
The buildings are built on permafrost and this is what happens as the frost melts.

Some of the original buildings.
All the side streets are gravel and the walks are wooden
Some interesting info on Dawson

Now if you look close, you can see the guy sleeping in the hammock. 
Him and his wife own a home in town but in the summer they move out to this little floating cabin this is anchored in the middle of the Klondike River. 
Because he's in the middle of the river, he doesn't have to pay any taxes on this summer home.
Now......back to that giant cinnamon bun!
This was in the museum in town.
Antlers lock in a death fight.
You can take a riverboat ride.
Or get a personal tour, which is what our group did.
We were able to see the insides of some of the old town buildings.

This was interesting
Where the girls worked.
One of the saloons.
Trappers cabin. Note the wood burls.
Main Street
Out of business
Still in operation.

One of the riverboats that use to travel the river.
I have no idea
They have a casino
We were in the balcony
For the show
Complete with Cancan girls.......wow!

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