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Monday, July 20, 2015

One Night In The Town Of Watson Lake

As we leave camp a rainbow starts to form.
The wildlife has been very light with only deer, one dead moose along the road, and two black bear, one dead and one alive. This morning we came upon this group of Bison.
 There was a mix of young and adults
 Further ahead we passed this lone bull.
 Even Canadians use their signs as target practice.
 Nice view

 These helicopters were being used for the fires in the areas.
Passing through another town
Stopped to fuel up......cool place!
This is Jake, a female Aussie that lives at the fuel stop. She was a cool dog that would come out to meet you with a stuffed toy in her mouth. We played while to coach was being filled. See ya Jake!
Continuing down the highway.
Back in the Yukon. The borders between the Yukon and BC cross seven times.
Entering the town of Watson Lake and .......
The famous Sign Post Forest
 There are over 70,000 signs

 Wow...Mass General Hospital
 Row after row of signs
 This one is ours.

 See any from your area?

 This one is different.
 Just overwhelming.

 This guy will make you a sign if........
 He's there.

 This one is really close to home.

 Look good at these signs.
 This sign was signed by everyone in our group.
 I really liked this one.
 Wow, here's one from the local scouts back home in Mass.
Time to pack it in for our morning departure to Teslin

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