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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Jasper AB

Jasper is also part of the National Park and you must pay for a day pass.
 The mountain goats still have some of their winter coats.
 They really blend into the rocks.
 We almost missed this guy. I have no idea how he got up to that outcropping.
 Caribou ?
 We came to the town of Jasper.
 An old home is used as the visitors center.
 Some info on the house.
Check out the construction on the chimney.....awesome!
They had a bad problem with bears.
 This is a nice town that caters to the tourist but it wasn't overly crowded.

 They even had one of these......how do you work it?
 I love these old trains.

 Heading back to camp, we ran into more goats. These animals were eating the little bit of grass that is in the road cracks, crazy huh!
 Mom and baby.
On our last day in Hinton, we went to the Beaver Boardwalk.

 We walked this boardwalk forever until we started to see signs about bears. Time to turn around.
 No Beavers so we headed to the car. As Casey and me were getting in the car, Joyce spotted one more short path and wanted to get one more pic.
Yup....the beaver was just waiting to have it's picture taken.
Time to head back to camp and pack up.

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