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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Mile "0" Of The Alaskan Highway

We are at Mile Post "0" at the Alaskan Highway. 
 Some information
 This was posted at the sign we ware standing in front of. Click on the picture will enlarge it.
Took a short ride to an old section of the highway that includes the Kiskatinaw Curved Wooden Bridge 
 I took several shots of this bridge.
 The bridge is not only curved...mote the decking boards, but it is banked slightly.
 Beautiful view 
 From either side of the bridge.

 The first construction of the bridge was destroyed by an ice flow. This, the 2nd bridge took over eight months to build, which is about the same amount of time it took to construct the entire highway.

There's a bridge being replace over interstate 95 in Fl. that was just completed after three years. They call it progress!!!

 Back in Dawson Creek, this grain elevator is part of the history of the town. But it was moved up the street to this location.
WOW....can you imagine moving that on a windy day.
 Below is some info on grain elevators and how they work. Interesting...

 Later we decided to go out for pizza...hey Boston Pizza, lets give it a try.
 We ordered a medium 13" pizza with two toppings, along with two sodas. We were told that in British Columbia BC means "bring cash". They weren't kidding, take a look at our bill.
I won't sleep tonight!!!!!

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