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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Chicken, Alaska

On our way to Chicken Alaska
The Red Flowers are called Fire Weed 
Got some good shots of this Moose right next to the road.
 Here's looking at ya!
 She was walking around eating grass from the bottom of the pond.

 And as she left.....yup, she peed. 
Heading for the border
Talk about back roads!


Top of the world
That is the US Border up ahead.
Back home to the USA

Note the population here at the border.

The road from the border was beautiful asphalt which soon turned to this.
Heading down off the mountains and into a valley
Note the dust on the back of the Jeep
Casey loves cooling her paws.
People are mining for gold everywhere
Everywhere there's water, there's a miner.

There's a nice little campground but not for us.

A view from the edge of the road. Very few guard rails.

You really have to pay attention.
We stopped for lunch and ran into some people that just started mining.

Look what Mom found
Done with lunch and back on the road to Chicken

Almost there

That's the town below.

There's two campgrounds and an airport.....grass field!

Oh man....the roads really can make a mess.

Thick dust and you can't wash your vehicles in the campgrounds.
I guess this makes it official.

Casey gets her much needed play time.
And as you know......I love chicken!
Some local scrap art.
They also have a Dredge in Chicken and this one is opened so we took the tour.
They explained how they thawed the ground so they could start dredging.
This is the front of the Dredge.
It had two 550hp Cat diesel generators.
The trommel would tumble the gravel that came in and the smaller rocks would travel down these trays.
This is the trommel.
The larger rocks would travel up this belt and be dropped behind the Dredge as it moved.
This shot shows the cables that control just about everything.
Control lever rods to the various cable drives.

Ah, the drivers seat.
Large gears of the drive system.
Spare bolts etc.
An overhead shot of the trommel. The tour was very interesting and I enjoyed it.
Meanwhile back at Chicken.....here's the outhouse.
More chicken stuff.

The Saloon has a lot of interesting things hanging from the ceiling.
More chicken stuff.
Maybe I should live here. There are only about 30 people living here in the summer and 3 in the winter.
After a nights stay in Chicken, it's time to move on.
More Moose

And what looked to be good road, had a lot of frost heaves.

Some info on the road we are traveling.
If you look close, you can see the frost heaves.
Had to stop for sand collection.
Beach type sand along this stretch of road.
Lots of abandoned places.

And lots of bridges.
Oh man, that last frost heave hit us so bad, everything came off the closet hanger.

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