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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Destination Fairbanks Alaska

On our way again, and I thought Texas was big!!!!!

 Don't worry about traffic.
 Lots of info along the Alaska Highway

 Pictures do not do justice to the actual views.
 Even Casey is enjoying all the new smells.
 We were able to wash the coach and car at the last campground. Everyone joined in for a community wash.
It's a short ride to Fairbanks

Alaska didn't get much snow this past winter and you can tell by the low water levels.

I kind of like the bridges.
We're not far from our destination now.
I heard that Reindeer sausage is really good sooooo. 
I bought some.

The bugs are big here.

We are at the end of the Alcan Highway
Some information about the pipeline.
This is one of the Pigs used to clean the inside of the pipeline. It's called a pig because of the sound it makes going through the pipe.
The Bison are tough here.
We are at the visitors center and they have this board set up so you can feel the different furs.
Back on the road, we stopped for lunch here. The signs tell it all.

Hey....what's in there?

Jack's roadhouse.

Back on the road after lunch.
It's pretty sad to see that we are no sooner back in the USA and the rocks have grafity painted on them.
That is the oil pipeline crossing the river.
Coming into Fairbanks.
The Air Force is here.
Our campground is actually in the North Pole
It's Santa.......booo

We no sooner got to the campground and hooked up, and it was time to climb on the bus and head out for dinner.
This is Pioneer Park which is a nice family park.
A classic steam shovel with a history.
This was a buffet style all you can eat dinner. That is Salmon and it was good.
What's for dessert?

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