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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Heading For Whitehorse Yukon

Internet service is very limited but here I am.
 We are traveling the Alaska Highway and the ride is beautiful. The downside is the dust.
 There has road construction so the group ends up catching each other. We have 25 coaches in our group.
 Yes...there is a motorhome in front of us. When we get out of the road construction areas, the roads are really better than New England roads.
 We stopped at this small RV park and Bakery for some cinnamon rolls.
 These things are huge....I got four of them.
 And still warm from the oven. Cinnamon rolls seem to be a popular item out here.
 An easy ride with very little traffic. We kept our speed around 55 mph due to the wildlife.
 Checking the water just before Casey went in for a swim.
 These things would just wander along the rode.
 A little further down the highway we came to our campground.
Forgot to bring the camera to the hot springs. But here's a link
 Tucked in for the night.

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