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Sunday, March 29, 2009

You Decide!

We returned to the UFO museum to do the tour of evidence!!!!! I will say no more other than the following pictures follow the time line of events.

Explanation of symbols on panel below.
This carved wood panel is approximately 4 feet by 8 feet.
Wow, see the Alien!

No comment!
Even Coke??????
While in town we came across this small memorial park that is unofficially named the Iron Cross Park. This memorial contains a piece of the Berlin Wall.
This explains the reason for the Iron Cross.
The Iron Cross
This marker is also part of the Iron Cross Park.
Joyce looking at the Cross.
We had to do the Walmart thing to get some groceries. Even Walmart gets in on the alien action.
Here are some names of some people of interest in the Roswell area.
  • Robert Goddard known as the father of modern rocketry did much of his experiments and testing north of Roswell after being run out of New Jersey for setting his neighbors orchards on fire. He lived in Roswell on the Mescalero Ranch.

  • John Denver, born in Roswell.

  • Demi Moore, lived in Roswell.

  • Nancy Lopez, professional golfer was born and raised in Roswell.

  • Pat Garrett, Lincoln county Sheriff know for killing Billy the Kid, briefly lived in Roswell.

  • William Bonney, better known as Billy the Kid lived and worked at the Chisum Ranch southeast of Roswell.

Surprisingly, there were many more but no time to list them all. It's amazing how many interesting things we are able to find in the various areas we visit.

On another subject, I am still trying to get my e-mail service fixed. I am able to receive your e-mails but not able to reply to them, or compose any e-mail. I apologize but Yahoo claims that they area still trying to do the fix.

Tomorrow we move on, we will be heading east to Texas. We plan on visiting the Dallas Fort Worth area.

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