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Monday, March 23, 2009

A Day in Sedona

Our day started off much like any other day except that Mac was not up to snuff this morning. When Joyce went to take Mac out for his morning stroll, he slipped on the bottom step and fell out of the Motorhome. He has a touch of arthritis in his back hips and they tend to bother him every so often. The fall irritated his back hips and I had to carry him in. At that point he didn't look good at all, he was shaking and couldn't hold his head up.
We figured this might be it for him and that his Kidney failure had finally worn him out.
We sat for a while to see how he was and decided to take him along with us and see what happens. Well to make a long story short, I think he may have been faking it because once he got in the Jeep, he was a pup again.
He spent the whole day with us, went swimming again, and we had to share our fries with him at lunch. Nobody likes a faker Mac!

So, off we go to Sedona which was only about a half hour away from where our camp is. I should have cleaned the windshield so you wouldn't have to look at the dead bugs.
As we drove along, this plane kept circling above us. This is one of those vertical take-off planes. It sounded like a big helicopter as it passed over us.
Here we are approaching the outskirts of town. This place is a tourist heaven.
After a brief stop at the Tourist Info. Center, we continued through town to some of the picturesque areas.
So we drove all the way up to the top of this mountain so we could stand and freeze. There was snow on the side of the road going up.

So we came back down and I wanted to check out some of the homes. We really like the Santa Fe style. But ran into this one.

And it is still under construction

On the other side of the street, is a Chapel built within the rock formation.
As viewed from the street.

The traffic was so bad and there was road construction, so I had to take this shot from behind the wheel. We did see a lot of homes that we like but I didn't bother taking any pic's of them.
Then we took a side street that brought us to a section of the Coconino National Park.
A little history of the area where we were.
They are restoring the water wheel.
Further down the path, Mac found a place to cool his feet.
And we found a perfect spot for a home.
Same area just a different angle.
Joyce hanging onto Mac who's out of the shot.
I could have just sat here for hours, it was soooo relaxing.

If Mac could speak he would probably say..........

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