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Saturday, March 21, 2009

A long Day Of Sightseeing

This morning we were awaken but a hot air balloon that sounded like it was going to land on us.

He's just coming up from the valley
Video of the landing

After we had breakfast we decided to take a ride to Jerome, Az. This is an old mining town that died and is coming back to life. It was a bit of a tourist trap but I love to see these old towns survive and come back to life.
As we rounded one of the corners along the road to town, we passed this guys yard and I just had to back up for a couple of pictures.
He had a lot of unusual figures made from just about anything and everything.
As we got close to town we came across this sign. This town mined Copper, Silver, and Gold.
I had to take this shot by holding the camera high above my head so I lost the lower left corner.
I had to take this picture because there really area some good bumper stickers in there. Like the one that says "Elvis Presley Died For Your Sins But He Really Didn't Mean To"
I guess the town doctor collected snakes for medicinal purposes, I hope! Maybe he used them on his slow days.
The sign above was posted on the stairway to the doc's home.
This dude came rolling into town and turned a lot of heads, check out those tail lights!
It's amazing how junk doesn't look too bad if you have enough of it.
One of the old building in town that has been saved and restored.
More of the old buildings
Old pictures of the Town Common
Hotel Conner and the Liberty Theater to the right.
This is posted by one of the towns old mines.
Audrey Shaft
We returned to camp for lunch and to take Mac for a ride. There is a dirt road that passes by where we are camped so we wanted to see where it went.
We loaded Mac into the Jeep and drove down the road which ended at a small river. Mac hates bath time but loves being in the water so we let him go swimming for a while.
Video of Mac trying to drink the river

After letting Mac dry for a while, we return to camp, gave Mac his food then we took off for something we haven't had in a while.......Chinese food.
Did I say it was "All You Can Eat"
Well it's been about 3 hours since eating and I'm ready for dessert. Oh, did I mention that I purchased some Fudge while in Jerome!!!!! Mmmm, Life IS good.

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