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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Relaxing in Roswell

Roswell was only about 1-1/2 hour ride from where we were in Carlsbad. I love watching those planes as they dive in to spray the fields.

I love my Garmin GPS but I wish it could determine that I am in a motor home and not a normal sized vehicle. It sent us down a back road that turned into a very narrow road that was in the middle of open range grazing. I thought it was going to change to dirt at any time but it didn't. After nine miles of back road we could see our destination below.
This park is about 11 miles out of Roswell.
The lakes aren't really bottomless, in fact they're not even close to bottomless.
What we like about State and National Parks, is their location and beautiful scenery.
This is just another shot of the site which is level, has crushed stone pads and a concrete pad for the table, BBQ grill, and a top to offer protection from the sun. This site has water and 50 amp service for $14 a night. You can also have sewerage for another $4. We just dump on the way in and when we leave.
We took a quick ride to town so Joyce could hit the visitors center for information for tomorrow. Note, the Dairy Capital of the Southwest.
The southern end of Main Street features the Alien and UFO gift shops and museums. We had been here about six years ago but I'm sure we will visit again tomorrow.
Even the street lights get in on the alien thing.
Even the parking lots!
Just look down the street, all the store are selling little green men.
This gentleman was getting interviewed as he came out of the UFO museum.
I WILL be watching the skies tonight.
The other side of main street.

Tomorrow we will get more in depth with the Roswell experience, if we don't get picked up by aliens tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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