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Monday, March 23, 2009

Tuzigoot & Montezuma's Revenge

****This is actually Sundays Post done a day late***

We are approaching The Ruins Of Tuzigoot is the remnant of a Sinagua village built between 1125 and 1400. It is located on top of a summit that rises 120 feet above the Verde Valley. The original pueblo was two stories high in places with 77 ground floor rooms. Entrance to the rooms was by ladders through openings in the roofs, there were no doors.

Information about the ruins.
Some of the remains.
Info. on the rooms.
Remains of one of the rooms.
The Verde Valley offered food and water.
The Verde Valley
Construction techniques
Another shot of the rooms
They also littered!
More information, there were a lot of these signs that explained the life within the village.

Joyce going to the top.
In this picture, we area at the highest point looking down. You can see how the rooms were attached.
Explanation of roof top living

The plaza was a very small area.
And then the mystery!
From the Ruins of Tuzigoot, we traveled a short distance to Montezuma Castle.
This placed really impressed me, it's really interesting how these people constructed their homes.
Oh yeah, another of Joyce's favorite signs!
The Castle
A portion of the Castle has been restored. The public was able to view the Castle up close back in the 1930's by climbing ladders in order to enter the rooms. This ended in 1951 to protect the Castle from further damage.
How did they build it?
Construction Sequence
The area has an abundance of White Sycamore trees that are huge. Some as much as four feet in diameter. This sot is looking up.
Montezuma Castle had neighbors.
These are the remains of the neighbors homes.
Another shot of the neighborhood, or what's left of it!
Another shot of the Castle as I was standing by the edge of the river.
Montezuma Castle Video

Again we took a short ride from the Castle to see Montezuma's Well
A rare picture of me smiling, Joyce caught me off guard as I was looking over the edge of the cliff!
Very interesting
The forming of the well
The Well!!!
There were also some cliff dwellers around the Well.

Hey, I forgot to take a picture of the Well, duh!!! Hey don't laugh, it has been a long day.
But I did do a Video

Remember, this is yesterdays post that I was not able to do. Now I have to catch up. Oh man, I'll be here all night!!!

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